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The Practice aims to provide patients with appropriate advice on health matters relating to holidays abroad, and to offer immunisation where required.  Please note that there will be a charge made at the Practice for particular immunisations.

Well before your planned holiday (at least 8 weeks), please ask for a Travel Questionnaire, or alternatively click on the the link below, (which will allow you to complete and/or print off the form). Please complete the form and return it to the practice. The Practice Nurse will contact you and if you require immunisations, the Practice Nurse will arrange the necesssary prescriptions.  Some vaccines require private prescriptions, please collect these from reception and pay the required fee, if applicable, and then take the prescription to the Pharmacy.

Please note:  There will be a charge for certain immunisations, which reflects the complexity of the immunisations and the work involved. which are not normally available on the NHS.  There will be a charge at the Pharmacist for certain immunisations, which are not normally available under the NHS (see travel clinic form for details).  Charges do not relate to a patients age or income.

Please collect the medication from the Pharmacy just before your Travel Clinic appointment, and keep it cool until you are seen.

At the appointment (more than one may be required) the Practice Nurse will give you written travel advice information for your destination as well as performing the immunisation.  A record of your immunisations will be kept in your medical notes

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the links below


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Central America Central America South America South America
Caribbean Caribbean Africa Africa
Middle East Middle East Central Asia Central Asia
East Asia East Asia Australasia Australasia and Pacific

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To help us offer the appropriate advice, please fill out the online form before coming to see the nurse.

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Travelling in Europe

If you are travelling to Europe a very useful booklet has been published with advice and guidance to help you get the most out of your holiday. To visit please click:- (this is a large document and may take a minute or two to view)


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